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Feedback for "Just Waiting For You" - (Released August 2020)

• "...Humorous take on being stood up...!" - Eileen Bernstein

Feedback for "The Talk of the Town" - (Released July 2020)

• "A searing indictment of the current state of our society and it is so worth the listen! Ordinary activities are not so ordinary in this guitar driven track!" - Eileen Bernstein
• "...a great songwriter..." - Keifer Wiley
• "Love it man!" - Mike Shipley
• "This is pretty dope!" - Dan Sheehan
• "..straight ahead, no- nonsense rock - as always, the lyrics are insightful, the band is tight and the recording itself is clear and sparkling. Take special note of the drums....spot on!" - John Storch/The Cravens

Feedback for "Wake Up" - (Released November 2019)

• "The 2020 political season is beginning to ramp up and The Rich Lynch Band is rightfully asking us to "Wake Up". This killer rough and ready song has great guitar licks weaved in and out of a multi vocal (almost punkish) rant which is asking the listeners....us.... to wake up, pay attention and get involved. Wise words and a great song." - John Storch/The Cravens

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