We our now reaching the world and gaining fans via our Facebook distribution program. It's been a productive four years making and recording music in New Jersey and Nashville. We've made it easy for you to support us so how about buying a track or two??? When you purchase our songs you are helping us get closer to our goal of One Million Downloads and your support will keep us writing and recording far into the future - thanks. We love you, everyone!

All Rights Reversed - They're coming for them all!

Hollywood Star - A bright light gone too soon!

I Want to Live in a Dome - Help me build my dream dome home!

Jesus Rock - About the rock and rock music I discovered in Israel!

Kingdom Tonight - They had Nikes and a boarding pass!

Ode to the Chemtrail Pilots - What's up with those lines in the sky?

Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent - About a man and his Broadway show!

Patriot Radio - Recalling the silenced voices of freedom.

Patriots' Day - We did it before. Will we do it again?

Raging Storm - Forecasting the coming frontal clash.

Rock and Roll Rodeo - We're all riders in this rodeo.

Shoot For The Stars - Going after my dreams one step at a time!

Take Me To Your Liter - About a thirsty and lonely interstellar traveler.

The Red Road - Supporting the rights and social justice of displaced Native Americans!

Those Days - When real rock ruled the airwaves.

You Can't Push Over a Standing Rock - Bring the heat and watch red blood boil!

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