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Photos and Memories - George Becker of Jaded Past

I've interviewed George Becker of Jaded Past for my radio show and we reviewed his CD. We shared a common producer in the incomparable Steve Brown of Trixter fame. And, we finally met up when the hard rockin' front man for Jaded Past made his third trip to Nashville in May of 2018. George was just in from Chicago, Illinois straight off of a triumphant opening slot at Melodic Rock Fest 5 that featured the artist in both solo and full band format.

George Becker of Jaded Past in Nashville.

We know George is a proud American as revealed on his patriotic rock song for the flag called, "Tattered". So, we suggested hitting up Mission BBQ for lunch since their stated mission is to remind everyone what makes this country great - our heroes in the military and public service. What was also great - the tasty turkey and pulled pork sandwiches we sampled as was meeting another friend on the move in Music City!

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