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Photos and Memories - Putting On My Poker Face with Paul Topete

I won't lie! I'm a fan of Poker Face - the unequaled ferocious founding fathers of powerful and patriotic protest rock. They've been warning about the puppet masters that pull the strings behind the scenes of world events for all of their time as a recording project. So, it's no wonder that on their latest release the lead single is the explosive and anthemic "Living in the Land of Pinocchio".

Rockin' Rich Lynch and Paul Topete meet up in Nashville.

We caught up with band's frontman Paul Topete when he was in Nashville getting tracks for their latest mixed by Toby Wright - the Grammy Award-winning producer, mixer, and engineer of multi-platinum records for Alice In Chains, Metallica, The Wallflowers, Korn and more.

Poker Face is a band truly built for this challenging moment in history. On their much anticipated sixth album, Songs for the Q Revolution the fearsome foursome from Pennsylvania continue to speak their mind while they still can. On the timely "(FEAR) Leave It Behind" an urgent guitar-driven pulsation moves the track forward as frontman Paul Topete provides an injection of courage in a last ditch effort to cure our apathetic populace. The anthemic "Living in the Land of Pinocchio" tells the truth as they see it - and I won't lie - the message is downright disturbing but that seems to be the point. When these political rockers convene behind closed doors it's no conspiracy that what inevitably emerges is a powerful platter that forces the listener to question everything they have ever believed in. They're just playing the hand they've been dealt.

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