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Share This Song - Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent

In October of 2017 I began to notice a lot of negative feedback on Bruce related FB pages and forums surrounding the high price to pay to see his one man show on Broadway. Then, seeking wisdom of the seers we rearranged the marquee and found a strange anagram that provided deeper meaning to the S.O.B.'s current run on The Great White Way. Alas, "Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent" was born. It's the only known protest song that was recorded and released the week of the Broadway debut. This one's for the little guy - they blue collar family man who could never afford to see this show live. We hope this track strikes a chord with you. Please consider picking up an MP3 as that will help us record many more songs in the future - thanks!

Rockin' Rich Lynch really needs you. Every time a fan buys an MP3 it's like throwing a tip in a jar. If you like this track and want to hear more similar type produced in Nashville then please BUY A SONG - your support keeps us going!

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