80's Rocker Jay Pounders Steps Out on the Town in Fashionable Form

NEWSFLASH: Jay Pounders was seen wearing the hot off the press Rich Lynch Band T-shirt earlier this month in Nashville. Back in the day Pounders was poised and positioned to hit the big time with his 80's new wave band Crossfire Choir [#crossfirechoir]. He had a video in rotation on MTV, a deal with Geffen Records, production by Steve Lillywhite and the group was managed by famed CBGB founder Hilly Kristal. Still, hair bands and later grunge along with the group's persistent and petulant punk attitude conspired against them to make sure that their shot at fame never quite found the crosshairs. Jay has bounced around the East and West coasts before heading to Music City to continue working on his consistently good songcraft. The question is - has he ever looked better doing it?

Jay Pounders in Nashville. (Photo by Rich Lynch)

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