Nashville's Chris Gauger Has a New Song and Gets a New T-Shirt

Chris Gauger is an extremely talented musician and singer-songwriter born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He was brought up on heavy metal and took to guitar at a young age - but, the secret is now out, Gauger is versatile with a diverse amount of genre mashing tools in his bag of tricks.

Consider his brand-new single "Secret Serenade" that officially launches the artist on a solo career that is brimming with promise and potential. The three-minute and forty-two second song lifts off with an alluring bass line before hip-hop beats introduce the soulful singer on a pop track that crackles with smooth R&B vibes. The pleading ode to love then sets itself apart from the pack as Gauger's ample guitar chops are revealed in the last half of the song.

It's no secret Gauger is gearing up for the big time. Music City will be hearing much more from this rising star in the region come 2018 when more blistering tracks are set to hit the online stores. When we met up with Chris in Nashville in September he became the latest musician to proudly walk away with the brand new T-shirt that the Rich Lynch Band has put out for their local hit, "Take Me to Your Liter". We enjoyed spending a few minutes in the presence of the charismatic Gauger who just might be the next big thing in Music City and beyond - time will tell. We'll be watching!

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