Rich Lynch Interviewed by Music City Mike

Rich Lynch was recently interviewed by Music City Mike a self-described music geek with roots - like, Rich - in New Jersey. Funny enough, just as Rich and Laura were settling in to their home in the Garden State, Mike was planting his flag in Nashville landing in Mid-Tenn in 1998 following a stint in Austin. As you can tell, this guy gravitates to the music meccas.

Music City Mike and Rockin' Rich Lynch.

Here's how Mike introduces Rich in the feature: "Getting to meet Rich Lynch was a bit like meeting myself. He's a guy from New Jersey who moved to Nashville, loves pizza and music, and writes a local music blog. We also connected on our love for Springsteen along with our shared dismay about his expensive Broadway tickets. Rich has even expressed his feelings in song with "Ow, a Bad Singer's Pony Rent", a song that takes its name from an anagram of "Springsteen on Broadway." Lynch's background also includes working as a rock photographer and Internet radio host.

But, Lynch's Music City activity has included more than just fandom and journalism. He's also created some clever rock tunes and helps promote several local artists. As for his tunes, you can sample and download them at his site So, take a look and help Rick get one (or two) downloads closer to that mighty-million goal! As far as I'm concerned, it's "A Windmilled Loon Soon." (I just had to try that anagram-maker!)"

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