Rockin' Rich Lynch: Producer Spotlight - Andrew Adkins

Nashville rocker Rich Lynch returned to the studios of Electra Head Media in Music City in June to begin recording songs that will be released "every other single month" in 2018.

"Sure, I'd like to release songs every single Friday like Nashville star Charles Esten," joked Lynch, adding, "But, currently that's not in the budget so bi-monthly will have to do for now!"

Rockin' Rich Lynch and Andrew Adkins in Nashville.

The great and highly acclaimed artist and producer Andrew Adkins is at the helm helping Lynch craft tracks that Adkins says are in the vein of "Nirvana meets Tom Petty"! That's music to our ears - can't wait for all of you RLB fans out there to hear the new stuff.

Earlier in 2017 the pair met when Andrew took over production work on Lynch's signature new number called "Take Me to Your Liter" (See Version #1). He added a strong rock vibe to a song Rich calls his best work yet to date. You can you can sample and purchase the track at the links below.

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