Rockin' Rich Lynch: Plays the CMAs for the Second Year in a Row

For two years running now, Rockin' Rich Lynch has played the Martin guitar booth at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. On Friday, June 08, 2018 mid-afternoon temperatures in Mid-Tenn were nearing the mid-nineties and it was a hot one to say the least. RRL offered his latest single "Those Days" ( | | GooglePlay | iTunes) describing it as a love song to the music that inspired his youth and early adulthood.

Rockin' Rich Lynch once again performs at the CMA Festival.

"It's gotta be better 'Those Days' than these days," Lynch remarked at the end of the acoustic song that name-checked some of the top rock artists from the 70s, 80s and 90's. A man in the front concurred with an "Amen to that" and Rich got a fair amount of applause even as he was drenched in sweat in the afternoon sun.

Once again the Martin Custom D Jr. Dreadnought Junior Acoustic guitar was an absolute joy to play. The only drawback as pointed out by the onsite company rep was that their location was situated right across from the Walk of Fame Park CMA stage so the Martin booth had to live with the fact that they were drowned out for much of the weekend.

Hey, CMA: I have a solution for you! Expand your manufactures present and invite some more instrument companies and set them up in a row away from competing music (hard, but doable). In my time at the Martin booth I saw several high quality singer songwriters confidently and competently deliver high caliber songs. A manufactures row at CMA would become a destination to discover additional great music and provide a better overall experience for your equipment vendors. Plus, it would give many more artists the opportunity to say they played the CMAs!

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