How the Extension of Springsteen on Broadway Will Help One Independent Artist

Bruce Springsteen's critically-acclaimed and Tony Award winning stand on the Great White Way known as "Springsteen On Broadway" was recently extended through December 15th, 2018 giving fans almost six more months to figure out a way to score tickets to the much talked-about sold-out production. And, it gives one independent rocker more time to promote his song that was the first known musical response to the Boss and his theatrical glory days in New York City.

By the magic power of anagrams a protest song was born.

The controversial single "Ow, A Bad Singer's Pont Rent" ( | | GooglePlay | iTunes) acquired its name from an anagram of the show title.


As a music fan, Lynch never imagined he would write a song about the Boss that could be considered anything less than reverential, but then Bruce announced an 80-show run of dates on Broadway in New York City. As Rich noticed the amount of negative feedback on Springsteen-related websites and forums, he realized that he was not alone in feeling disappointed in the high ticket prices.

"The idea for the song definitely came from seeing the widespread backlash and from talking to longtime fans," explained Lynch who said the highest ticket prices he's ever paid was $500 for a Broadway play. "At this point, if this was a political race, you'd find me on the side of the disillusioned party. I've definitely seen Bruce in concert over thirty times since the 80s and I've shook his hand on at least three occasions. I surely didn't wake up one morning and decide to deconstruct one of my lifelong heroes. But, when I found that ridiculous anagram I knew exactly what needed to be done."

"Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent" single cover.

The anagram came from the title of the show itself. That discovery, along with the comments he read online, brought a burst of inspiration.

"Something was bothering me about the name of the production," Lynch recalled. "I'm a creative person and often I'll employ unusual methods to help inspire my songwriting."

Lynch said he printed out an image of the marquee that read "Springsteen On Broadway" and using a scissors and some tape he cut out each individual letter and started rearranging them until he found a perfect anagram containing the unlikely but strangely fitting phrase: "Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent".

"Once I stopped laughing I realized there might be something here," Lynch continued. "I quickly crafted three verses dealing with the universal subjects of greed, lost integrity and the dangers of blind faith and then the chorus basically wrote itself. The demo was done within 48 hours."

"This song has definitely helped me reach a broader audience," Lynch recalled. "I look at it is an 'Ohio' type song. One that was recorded as an urgent response to something else. In hindsight, it still is a valid observation as far as I'm concerned in that it upholds one side of the story. I was speaking for the little guy - the one unable to attend the show for economic reasons. You know, the guy Bruce used to sing about."

The tight 80's pop rock production and straight forward performance has earned Lynch and his mates high marks and resulted in a nice full length feature article by New Jersey Stage. Won't you please help and spread the word?!?

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