POCO Had Us Humming A Good Feelin' to Know

This article is about my new hit single "Those Days" which explores the music that changed my life set to a nostalgic mid-tempo rock theme. The first band I name check is POCO and their song "A Good Feelin' to Know"... the story below explains why!


When your older brother's favorite band is turning 50 you know you're old. But, it's all good. My brother Dan has been going on about the country rock band for so long it's no wonder POCO weren't the first words out of my mouth.

His love of the band and their biggest almost hit was so ingrained in our lives that I set him up nicely when my wife and I got married in 1994. Dan gave a speech as our best man and he ended it by saying, "It's a good feelin' to know somebody loves you." There was a reason I told the deejay we hired to have that cued up to start the dancing. A few short years later we began making some memories attending POCO shows whenever we could.

For us, it really all began for us in Albany, New York in 2002. There was a resurgence around the band and their "core four" players who had just released an amazing comeback album for the new millennium called Running Horse. I had just created a music review website and arranged a sit down interview with them following a sweltering downtown outdoor performance that Dan and I conducted. We were off and running.

In 2004, we had a POCO weekend and Dan got to interview Jack about all things music. In 2005, POCO returned to New York City for a still talked about glorious night at the now defunct B.B. King Blues Club.

The next year gave us a double dose of the country rock pioneers. A memorable trip to the Jersey shore and Bruce Springsteen's stomping grounds found the band and Dan "doing their thing" until early in the A.M. But, a shaky night in Peekskill only five months later had us wondering if the band had past their peak.

But, we weren't done yet and either was POCO. A celebrated reunion on the ground's of Woodstock in 2009 was worth the road trip to be on hand for history. And, we were on hand as the group began a new chapter for themselves in 2013 as Rusty Young and company unveiled a new lineup in Tarrytown. That night was the last time we fired it up, though.

The most recent time my wife and I saw POCO was last year in Tennessee. Dan didn't make that show because he's apparently got an aversion to Nashville so I won't "keep on trying" to get him here. That horse has stopped running and we've have the last roundup as far as music meetups go. But, we'll always have memories we made in the band's northeast hotbed. And, I got a good song to sing to remember "Those Days" for a long time to come.

Dan on left is our family's original Poco nut in 2004.

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