Learning How to Sing and Not Suck in Nashville

My biggest "hit" song to date is 2017's "Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent" (sample and purchase below) - a track that was written with its name derived from the title of a Broadway show. I didn't set out to write about a bad singer or his horse but the anagram gods had other ideas. Now, sometimes I worry that I'm not a good singer and often finding myself striving to be better. So, it was lucky for me that I had a chance to learn from the best of them when celebrity vocal coach Cari Cole provided me and hundreds of other musicians the chance to improve our collective voices.


Voice coach Cari Cole in Nashville.

Cari's "How to Sing and Not Suck: Unlocking Your Vocal Power Onstage" presentation took place at the Fourth Annual DIY Musician Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in August of 2018. The New York City based voice coach to the stars came prepared with a well-honed program that helped a room full of aspirants improve their vocal techniques in the span of only one-hour.

Cari said that the one element defining the difference between good and great is skill and she told the Do-It-Yourselfers in Music City that her goal was to make everyone in the audience ultimately sound like a better version of themselves.

Even bad singers can get better with a little help from Cari Cole.

Cole also taught her "three day rule" for musicians on tour that included dietary suggestions and actual products singers can use to stay in top shape and ahead of the rigors of the road. Ten glasses of water a day, no dairy and regular steams with essential oils were all essential bullet points she provided for performers to reach their pinnacle.

Cari suggested that the ultimate goal is for singers to pull off an unshakable performance and to get that done requires confidence and just a bit of coaching. When she brought up singer Christie Huff for a live demonstration of her techniques Cole was able to get the already fine sounding performer to hit new heights on the fly in front of a roomful of conference attendees. No pressure there. Nothing about Cole's discussion sucked and it was easy to see why she's consistently sought after by singing shows like The Voice and American Idol.

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