Getting Buzzed with Bob Baker in Nashville

We've known Bob Baker as an author, speaker, musician, editor and Buzz Factor founder for many years now. He's helped get the word out about our magazine and he turned some artists on to our editorial outlets through the years. So, it was with great pleasure that we finally got to meet the man and thank him personally for his dedication and commitment to helping the independent musician achieve great heights.

Bob Baker in Nashville.

The meeting occurred at the CDBABY DIY Musician Conference 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee when Bob was scheduled to serve the industry by providing guidance at a number of mentoring sessions with aspiring artists in Music City.

Bob is probably best-known as the writer of the highly acclaimed Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook that had a cameo in the major motion picture The School of Rock. His Buzz Factor hooks up artists to real world opportunities all helping to earn him the title of "The Godfather of Independent Music Marketing" by event host CDBABY. We were happy to meet you, Bob. Especially as our own buzz-worthy band related guerrilla marketing program has only just begun!

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