Rockin' Rich Lynch Finally Takes the Field in Nashville

Indie rocker Rich Lynch made a rare appearance with a full live band on Halloween night October, 31, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee at the crowded watering hole known as The Loading Zone just south of the city. Lynch joined his producer Jay Pounders who was making a stellar live debut with a brand new band called the Buckskin Stallions.

Rich Lynch and Jay Pounders on stage in Nashville. (Photo by Rachael Prieto)

For the holiday Lynch took the stage dressed as a fan of the New Jersey Generals football team from the long defunct United States Football League to sing lead vocals on a traditional version of "House of the Rising Sun".

"I was a fan of the league back in the day and it was in the 80's that I really wanted to become a rock star," Lynch said after the spotlight performance. "I really don't know what took me so long to start playing live but getting out more is on my goals list for next year for sure."

"I dressed up as a fan of the New Jersey Generals from 1985 because all those years ago Donald J. Trump was in charge of the football Generals and not the nation's generals," Lynch laughed adding, "and I know plenty of people who would jump in a time machine to go back to those less contentious times."

In 2019, a new professional spring football league called the Alliance of American Football will take the field in many former USFL markets while resurrecting two of its franchise's previously used monikers.

"I dubbed myself the #1 USFL fans during that league's endurance and I'm ready to support this exciting new effort," Lynch exclaimed. "Especially the Birmingham and Memphis teams that are not too far from my Nashville home base."

Since that fateful last year of the league in 1985 Lynch has moved from New Jersey to Nashville to pursue a recording career. In between he has become a famed celebrity and rock interviewer, a concert photographer and most recently an advocate for the idea that it's time to rebrand the MP3 into a monetary unit that shows appreciation for the arts. As for Donald J. Trump - lets just say he's been busy, too!

The USFL thrived for three seasons in the eighties.

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