Rushing to Make a Point - Vapor Trails or Chemtrails?

Home from the constant travel these past few weeks and found a chance to get reacquainted with my Netfilx account. Had the pleasure of watching the RUSH retrospective titled "Beyond the Lighted Stage".

We thought it was very interesting that at 1:25:20 in the movie drummer and legend Neil Peart was being interviewed about the events the would lead to the band's comeback album called Vapor Trails. But, in the background several chemtrails were clearly visible in the sky!

So, what is it? Vapor trails or chemtrails? It's the new eternal debate.

I wrote my song "Ode to the Chemtrail Pilots" to bring awareness to the so-called conspiracy theory and to get the masses to start looking up at the odd lines and patterns in the sky. Please buy a track below and I'll be able to produce more quality rock such as this now and in the future.

Also, you can turn people on to my song and the whole chemtrail phenomenon by sharing this song via Facebook through the link below. That one simple act will turn you into an immediate chemtrail activist - way to go!

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