POCO’s Rusty Young and Jack Sundrud Rock Nashville; Get RLB T-Shirts

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I’ve been hearing about the awesomeness of country rock pioneers POCO for decades now because my older brother Dan is a POCOnut – an adherent of the acclaimed band since 1970. More than 30 years after his fandom began I had the opportunity to provide him with a backstage meet-up with Rusty Young, Paul Cotton and George Grantham in Albany, New York as a press representative for the web’s Kweevak.com when the band reformed with a purpose in 2002. We’ve been following the modern day incarnation with extreme interest ever since.


Newly minted solo artist Rusty Young gets an RLB T-shirt.

Rusty Young heads up the band in 2017. He is a co-founder of POCO dating back to 1968 which means that next year the group is gearing up to celebrate their 50th anniversary of recording and touring. As amazing as that fact is the real news emerging from POCOworld is that Rusty is finally taking a long overdue stab at a solo career with the September release of the impressive Waitin’ For The Sun – a stunning and eclectic 10 song set produced by Young and his POCO bandmate, Jack Sundrud.

Speaking of Jack – we love the man. It doesn’t get much better then what he gave the world a few years back on his own By My Own Hand record. Jack is a legitimate county music star, too, as the frontman for the now defunct but still great Great Plains. If you ever get a chance to listen to their “Iola” it’s an unforgettable earworm about the hard life often faced by the family farmer.

Music City royalty Jack Sundrud gets himself a news RLB shirt.

We met up with both Rusty and Jack at The Filming Station when they headlined a special show for AmericanaFest that doubled as Rusty’s CD release party. And, of course, we gave them both Rich Lynch Band T-Shirts to welcome them back to Music City.

POCO headline at The Filming Station in Nashville during Americanfest 2017.

• You can order the song that inspired the T-Shirt through the links below and you can also get a shirt of your own on this page. Pick one up and send us a picture of yourself wearing it and we’ll post about it here on our news page!

TWO VERSIONS OF NEW SONG RELEASED! The Rich Lynch Band has just released two versions of their brand-new song “Take Me to Your Liter”. If Rich was a comedian the joke would begin with “An alien walks into a bar…” Order both today and pick up a limited edition commemorative T-shirt, too!

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