Musician Dan Sheehan Reviews “Take Me to Your Liter”

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Dan Sheehan is an incredible independent artist with a social conscience that takes precedence on his latest project called Tales From Earth, Inc. Sheehan is currently seeking funding to complete, produce and stage his concept album, live show and accompanying web site which uses music and lyrics to raise awareness about a host of issues brought onto the world by personal, corporate, and political greed.

The New York City based musician is also an occasional music reviewer. Here’s his take on the latest from the Rich Lynch Band ( “Take Me To Your Liter” is another fine example of Lynch’s clever songwriting and arranging skills. Rich’s recent move from the Northeast to Nashville is evident on the track which mixes tremelo guitar and Hammond organ swirls with rock riffs and some psychedelic touches, resulting in a country/rock hybrid track setting a perfect vibe for humorous but poignant lyrics about the need to drown one’s sorrows in alcohol in these times. Hopefully the track can provide the listener enough relief from life’s challenges that they can hold off on actually hittin’ the sauce!

• 2017 – TWO VERSIONS OF NEW SONG RELEASED! The Rich Lynch Band has just released two version of their brand-new song “Take Me to Your Liter”. If Rich was a comedian the joke would begin with “An alien walks into a bar…” Order both today and pick up a limited edition commemorative T-shirt, too!

VERSION 1: | CD Baby | Google Play | iTunes
VERSION 2: | CD Baby | Google Play | iTunes



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