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Rockin' Rich Lynch Recommends: The Hasbros

Hasbro is one of the world's most recognizable manufacturer of toys and games. The Hasbros are a raw and punky rock band from New York City who aren't playing around. They've picked up the pieces of their broken dream to finally record their debut album 26 years after first disbanding. Back in the day they were regulars at CBGBs picking up opening slots for major label acts like the Spin Doctors and They Might Be Giants. On Cart Before The Horse they're making up for lost time.

"For The Best" is the opener that finds the band mining a popular sound from the era somewhere between an R.E.M. and The Smithereens. With songs rooted in relatable real world experience they're off to a good start - even if they got things a little backwards along the way. "The Evil That Men Do" from Side B proves that this talented trio have some worthy wares in their possession. Now, we just need to watch how far they get. With a quality full-length now up for sale The Hasbros have righted their ship. They are moving in a better direction with a possible winner in tow. At the very least they have passed "Go".

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