Dear American Football Organizations: It all began at the 2019 Big League Draft in Nashville when my plan and personal mission to promote the great game of American Football began to take shape. I realized then that fandom for the sport runs deeps and that there are many more quality teams in the world than just the top 32 in the NFL.

So, as a working musician in Music City I made a pledge to only wear apparel related to the sport onstage and at all public appearances. Now, that program is really talking off. Introducing Rockin' Rich Lynch - a Nashville based musician who is here to help brand and market your team, league or gridiron football themed organization to our American and International audience of sports and music fans. He will wear your apparel and logos on stage in Nashville (Music City, U.S.A.) and beyond. Please check out the links below to see recent media and team coverage and how his story is getting picked up around the world.

We now only wear matching shirt and hat combinations of the logos and colors of amazing American Football teams, leagues and federations while performing on stage. Please send us something to showcase for our next gig!


• (1) Large Adult Team and/or League Logo Shirt in any style [preferably a T-Shirt]

• (1) Matching Logo Baseball Style Hat (mesh back preferred)


Richard J. Lynch
532 Brooksboro Ter.
Nashville, TN 37217, USA

Special thanks to these amazing teams, leagues and federations who have understood my plan to promote the great game of American Football by only wearing apparel related to the sport on stage. They are all champions in my book!

Amarillo Venom

Budapest Wolves

California Buckeyes

Clarksville Chiefs

Colorado 76ers

Duke City Gladiators

Fargo Invaders

GEFA Football

Inglewood Blackhawks

Jamaican American Football

Kansas City Reapers

Massachusetts Pirates

Music City Blitz

Nashville Elite

Nauheim Wildboys

North Louisiana Football Alliance

Northern Colorado Nightmare

PNG American Football

Salina Liberty

United States Football League

Utah Revolution

Wiesbaden Phantoms

Feature Article in the PNG Post Courier

Duke City Gladiators Pick Up the Story

The Sports Column: 'Greetings from the Global Gridiron' - April 2021

The Sports Column: 'Greetings from the Global Gridiron' - March 2021

Kansas City Reapers Pick Up Our Post on Social Media

Fargo Invaders Show Some Love for Rockin' Rich

The Sports Column Supports Our Mission

• Rockin' Rich is regularly seen in Nashville on stage and hanging with famous city celebrities. Recently, he was photographed with Meat Loaf, John Rich and the CEO of Gibson Brands while wearing team logo apparel.

• Rockin' Rich writes a syndicated column on "football and music" that highlights every organization that sends him apparel to co-brand with.

• Rich also undertakes a number of features on multiple websites that feature new items with links to the organizations that send them; performs regularly scheduled webcasts that introduce the new clothing, and makes guest appearances on third-party sports and music related podcasts, websites and media.

• Being in Nashville, Rich has a unique opportunity to co-brand your teams and league with top-level musicians where photos and coverage get shared on social media. He wanta to support you team and league!!! We already have received tremendous support from organizations from all over the world. But, we need to keep our content fresh and constantly moving forward - so that is where you come in!

• Maybe it's because I am as old as the Super Bowl!

• Perhaps it stems from the fact the first real celebrity I became aware of was "Broadway Joe" Namath that led to my first significant purchase as a child - my beloved New York Jets varsity jacket!

• Maybe it's because when I was in the third grade an older bully stole my brand-new purple Nerf football only to throw it on the roof of the school. The principle's unwillingness to retrieve it until "springtime" helped instill a lifetime's worth of disdain and distrust of authority within me.

• I love the idea of being an underdog and I rooted hard for the USFL in the 80's and kept an interested eye on all the rival leagues as they emerged over the decades. I find myself an outsider in the music industry so that's why I look for support from all the nascent teams and leagues that take to the field today for help and inspiration.

• Rockin' Rich Lynch regularly receives new outfits to wear on stage from teams and leagues all over the world. He has created an Online Fashion Show at his Global Gridiron site to display of his recent awesome acquisitions!

• With classic rock legend NORMAN GREENBAUM while wearing a combo sent to me by the Northern Colorado Nightmare!!!

• With the incomparable JAMES BURTON the one-time Elvis Presley sideman while wearing a combo sent to me by the Duke City Gladiators!!!

• With rising blues star CHRIS "BADNEWS" BARNES while wearing a combo sent to me by the Fargo Invaders!!!

• Playing out in Nashville while wearing a combo sent to me by the United States Football League!!!

• Hanging out with GIBSON BRANDS CEO JAMES "JC" CURLEIGH while wearing a combo sent to me by the Amarillo Venom!!!

• Partying with the late, great MEAT LOAF while wearing a combo sent to me by the Colorado 76ers!!!

• Seen here with the ever amazing Americana artist DAVID STARR while wearing a combo sent to me by the Kanas City Reapers!!!

• It's always enriching to visit with country music legend JOHN RICH while wearing a combo sent to me by the Nashville Elite!!!


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