Nashville's Rockin' Rich Lynch says - "Pickleball Has Been Very, Very Good to Me!"

You might remember SNL cast member Garrett Morris and his portrayal of Chico Escuela - a former all-star baseball player for the Chicago Cubs originally hailing from the Dominican Republic - and the catch phrase made famous by the long-running comedy show: "Thank you berry much. Baseball been berry, berry good to me!" Well, for Nashville's Rockin' Rich Lynch a musician and music industry journalist by trade - a similar saying applies: "Pickleball Has Been Very, Very Good to Me!"

Rockin' Rich Lynch received an incredible in-depth artist feature on Pickleball Union.

Lynch came to the quirky sport that is growing in popularity with each passing day completely by accident when he stumbled across a pickleball court set up at The Mall at Green Hills in Nashville. That's when his songwriting instincts kicked in and inspired him to pen the now near classic "Pickleball at the Mall" on the spot during his shopping spree in early 2023.

"The song has worked wonders in propelling my brand forward and further into the mainstream," Lynch enthused. "I even received the most in-depth editorial exploration into my artistry from a pickleball site of all places."

That feature article appeared on Pickleball Union written by a sports enthusiast and none too shabby musicologist in his own right Leland Orfield who observed: "Lynch is known for exploring more serious and political topics within his songs, such as "Kingdom Tonight," which delves into the dark story of the Heaven's Gate cult, or "Patriot Radio," which discusses the agendas currently seen in political media outlets. With "Pickleball at the Mall," Lynch took a more light-hearted approach, joking about the loud sounds made by the paddles and hitting a shot wide into the Crate & Barrel."

The growing interest in Lynch's pickleball song led the rocker to add another title to his long list of credentials - that of "World Pickleball Ambassador" when he secured his first official pickleball sponsorship with apparel and paddles sent to him all the way from Hong Kong courtesy of Heick Pickleball.

"Simon Heick listened to my music and appreciated my work," Lynch conveyed. "So, he was the first to jump on board sending us several guitar themed pickleball paddles that are really turning heads every time we unveil them here in Music City."

Lynch has also made many new friends and even met one of his heroes while supporting the Ping-Pong meets tennis hybrid sport in Tennessee.

"I was a huge fan of the Arena Football League and followed the Nashville Kats with awe and wonder from afar," Lynch reminisced. "So getting a chance to hang out with their former General Manager Billy McGehee was a major bonus for me."

Lynch met up with McGehee who is now a pickleball entrepreneur at his second annual Music City Pickleball Fest and while there Rockin' Rich also had the pleasure of being introduced to local celebrity Simply Sherri whose much anticipated pickleball cookbook is due out soon.

"Sherri invited us out to her cooking class where she served up some sumptuous steak and healthy sides," Lynch recalled. "So, that proves right there that pickleball has been very, very good to me. I can't wait to see where this all goes next!"

Rockin' Rich Lynch's first pickleball sponsorship came all the way from Hong Kong courtesy of Heick Pickleball.

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