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• 2022-06-22: NashvilleVoyager.com - Meet Rockin' Rich Lynch
• 2021-12-09: MusicMediaZone.com - Rockin' Rich Lynch Aims to Become the "Next King of Rock and Roll" on the Strength of His Latest Nashville-Crafted Track
• 2021-07-14: NewJerseyStage.com - Rockin' Rich Lynch Releases "Nashville Seen" Album
• 2021-01-20: BroadwayWorld.com: Nashville's Rockin' Rich Lynch Releases 80 Days Around the World
• 2021-01-20: Top40-Charts.com: Nashville's Rockin' Rich Lynch Releases 80 Days Around the World
• 2020-12-03: The Sports Column: Nashville Musician Performs Wearing American Football-Related Apparel
• 2020-10-12: JesusWired.com - Musician Rockin' Rich Lynch Is "Just Waiting For You" to Support His Songs
• 2019-12-01: NewMusicWeekly.com - Nashville Musician Rockin' Rich Lynch Implores the Masses to "Wake Up" on New Politically Charged Single
• 2019-06-10: NewJerseyStage.com - Rockin' Rich Lynch Releases "Hail Atlantis"
• 2018-05-09: BroadwayWorld.com - The Rich Lynch Band Releases New Single THE RED ROAD
• 2017-10-13: NewJerseyStage.com - A Different Take On Springsteen On Broadway
• 2014-05-02: Monolithic.com - "I Want to Live in a Dome," a new single by the Rich Lynch Band


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