ACE UP MY SLEEVE - That Time in 2015 When Nashville's Rockin' Rich Got a Career Boosting Jolt From Producer Steve Brown

Long before KISS co-founder Ace Frehley received a revitalizing zap via production efforts from the vastly talented producer Steve Brown, Nashville's Rockin' Rich Lynch went to the same well when he hired the Trixter guitarist to help him get his own recording career underway.

Steve Brown back in 2015 when he was working with Rockin' Rich Lynch.

"Steve and I lived in the same town in New Jersey and I ran into him one day treasure hunting in the suburbs," Lynch recalls. "I said - Hey, Steve - I have a song that I need YOU to produce and that led to a fruitful working arrangement until I left for Music City."

Lynch brought what he thought was his most important track he had written up until that point to Brown and he was so pleased with the results that his next three releases were crafted with significant help and input from Steve manning the control board.

"All Rights Reversed" - production by Steve Brown.

"Our first track was 'All Rights Reversed' that I felt embodied some very important political observations," Lynch added. "But, wow, Steve created a masterpiece that really took on a whole new meaning when the year 2020 arrived. So, from there we did two more - 'Shoot For The Stars' an anthem for achieving and believing - and 'Patriots Day' which was submitted for consideration to the Tree of Liberty multi-media project that is still in the works."

"Steve told me that he was surprised how good my voice actually was and that validation served to propel me to Nashville where my work has continued unabated," Lynch reminisced. "That meant a lot since Steve is really known best for his quality vocal chops in addition to his stellar guitar playing. He has said in published reports that is the real reason the Def Lep guys brought him in as their stand in member in the first place - for his world-class vocal ability."

"Shoot For The Stars" - production by Steve Brown.

Brown's ample gifts are not lost on Ace Frehley, either, who has been all over the media lately proudly professing his praise of Steve Brown in helping him create what he is calling the most important and significant solo album of his career.

Ace's electrifying 10,000 Volts is due out February 23, 2024 with its title track already receiving critical acclaim and millions of streams across a variety of platforms including the always user-friendly BANDCAMP.

"Patriots' Day" - production by Steve Brown.

"Oh, I can't say enough about Steve Brown as a guitar player," Frehley gushed in a recent feature over at CHAOS ZINE, before adding, "... he's just fantastic, you know; he's doing all the background vocals on (almost) every song..."

So, don't just take Ace's word for it. I always say the same thing. If you have a project that you want done with utmost care and professionalism by a great guy with Gold Record creds (they're hanging on his wall) >>> Steve Brown is your go to guy for career boosting shock therapy that truly can help you create a buzz. What are you waiting for?

Ace Frehley's amazing new album; listen to the first single here.

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ACE UP MY SLEEVE - That Time in 2015 When Nashville's Rockin' Rich Got a Career Boosting Jolt From Producer Steve Brown

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