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Rockin' Rich Lynch: SONG - Gettysburg Address

So, I had the cool four chords and the intro words. But, when the next verse that popped into my head revealed a disturbing rape and murder I had to stop myself. Did a web search and found the true story of one Barry J. Laughman. That gave me a framework to tell his story with the rest of the song. Please BUY THE TRACK through the following links as that will help us record many more songs in the future - thanks!

LYRICS (Words and Music by Rich Lynch)

Four score and seven, That's in my head
Will I get to heaven, When I'm Dead?

Got off in Gettysburg, late last night
That poor old girl, put up some kind of fight
How could something so wrong feel so damn right
Got off in Gettysburg last night

17th and main, that was the address
Where I was coerced to confess
To sneaking up on her and tearing off her dress
To slitting her neck, leaving a bloody mess

Why did I do it, admit to what I did not do?
Must've been my fear and my low IQ
Can't blame the law though, they got another case to push on through
Too bad they didn't have a god damn clue...!
(they had no clue)

It's nothing to laugh about
When a man commits a terrible crime
Equally unfunny is serving unjust time
Sometimes a secret is concealed and left behind
That takes a miracle of science to find

Sometimes a secret's concealed
Sometimes you don't have clue
Now I can got on with it
I never did any harm to you
I have a new birth of freedom
Reborn with liberty
I shall never forget and always remember
All you've ever done for me

Got off in Gettysburg, late last night
Serving 16 years on a sentence of life
Now I can get on with it, play guitar and find me a wife
Got off in Gettysburg last night

Four score and seven, That's in my head
Will I get to heaven, When I'm Dead?


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