Sports Entrepreneur and Independent Musician Rockin' Rich Lynch Steps Out in Fine Football Fashion in Nashville

Nashville musician Rockin' Rich Lynch is a performing artist and regional celebrity who has recently pledged to only wear the apparel of teams playing American Football while onstage or during his numerous photo shoots and public appearances.

Global Gridiron Founder - Rockin' Rich Lynch.

"It's a good look," Lynch revealed. "We just had the NFL Draft in Nashville and the 'cap and jersey' uniform was on universal display that weekend as several hundred thousand fans descended on Music City sporting their team pride."

Lynch' adoption and adaptation of the look has one unique difference than the standard NFL and college fare most Americans are seen wearing. He wants to help promote teams that play the game around the world. And, that makes sense since the singer-songwriter has recently hoisted another hat on his head - that of professional sports entrepreneur. He's pledging to form a global league of American Football to be called the Global Gridiron initially funded solely by sales of his songs.

"I know how to create a league that will feature teams from every corner of the planet," Lynch enthused. "We can base it out of the American South. All I need is a little support from fans of my music and we will be able to kick this thing off once we've raised enough to open an office."

"In the meantime, I'm playing out and touring regionally and will use those public appearances to promote the sport and the fact that the game has grown around the world," Lynch said while keeping an eye of the future of his own league. "There's no doubt now that we will hold our drafts here, too, someday."

TEAMS & LEAGUES -- LET'S GET STARTED! We are seeking hat (mesh back preferred) and shirt combinations featuring Adult (L) shirts in any style - Jersey, T-shirt, Executive Polo - whatever you'd like to see us wear on location, behind the mic and onstage in Nashville and beyond. This opportunity is open to any team, league, organization, federation and club who are playing and promoting the game of American Football on the world stage.

Rockin' Rich Lynch wears the Budapest Wolves.

Rockin' Rich Lynch wears the Jamaican American Football Association.

Rockin' Rich Lynch wears the New York Jets.

Rockin' Rich Lynch wears the Buffalo Bills.

Rockin' Rich Lynch wears the New Jersey Generals.


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