An Interview with Legendary Music Manager - Mike Appell

Nashville based musician Rockin' Rich Lynch had a twenty year career interviewing rock icons and music industry legends before making the pivot to become a performer himself. His adventures behind the microphone led him into in-depth conversations with the likes of Donovan, Yoko Ono, Todd Rundgren, Randy Bachman, Jon Anderson, Richie Furay and hundreds more. But, it wasn't only the musicians - sometimes Rich spoke to important figures behind the scenes of some of rock's greatest success stories. Such was the case with his 2015 interview with music manager Mike Appell.

Now that Bruce Springsteen's longtime manager Jon Landau celebrates an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame please enjoy this compelling and comprehensive interview with the man who was there - before the fame - and who went on to propel "The Boss" to international super-stardom that continues to this day.


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