Rockin' Rich Lynch: Opening Doors in Nashville with Garth Brooks

We had only been in Nashville less than three months when we found ourselves a little lonely and homesick on Christmas Eve in 2015. We followed up an early afternoon dinner at the Bar-B-Cutie on Nolensville Pike with an investigative trip up the road where we found that Nashville Used & New Music was still open so we decided to pay them a visit.

Garth Brooks in Nashville in 2017. (Photo by Rockin' Rich Lynch)

I grabbed for the door handle and opened it at the exact same moment when a ball cap wearing patron exited the shop carrying two guitars. I did a double take and then walked into the store telling my wife, "I think that was Garth Brooks".

The employees were gathered by the door watching their famous client exit the building and shook their head in the affirmative acknowledging that I had just eased the passage for country music's biggest star as he left carrying his purchases. Apparently, Garth was picking up some "signature" acoustics in his name and this was the only store in the region that had inventory of the item left this close to Christmas Day.

I had the pleasure of relaying this story to Garth's publicist two years later when I was putting in a request to cover one of his seven sold-out shows at the Bridgestone Arena in 2017. I'm pretty certain this tale did the trick to open the door for our entry into the venue because we were comped as media almost immediately upon submitting our letter of intent to write a concert review.

Either way, running into Garth this early as newly minted Nashvillians was pretty eye opening and served to underscore just how small Nashville, Music City U.S.A. really is. He wasn't the first major talent we bumped into, nor, do I expect him to be the last while we remain in town. But, for now, it's my most favorite true story to tell.

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