Rockin' Rich Lynch Plays the H5 Slim Modular by H5XM at Summer NAMM in Nashville

Rockin' Rich Lynch looked over the list of vendors showcasing their wares at Summer NAMM 2021 and the first one that caught his eye was the group from Davenport, Florida known as Hoxeys 5x machining who are getting recognition for their sleek and innovative aluminum body guitars. So, Rich headed to booth #1328 and unbeknownst to him - he was about to make a little history of his own.

Upon arriving there was a flurry of activity centered around the gleaming guitar and a camera crew was documenting the company's debut appearance at Summer NAMM where they were showing off their latest technological masterpiece.

The H5 SLIM MODULAR is one cool looking piece of equipment equal part a work of art and working guitar. The aluminum hollow body modular instrument sports a slim heel design for ease of playing higher frets. Schaller locking tuners, Seymour Duncan alnico II pro pickups, CTS push/pull pots, switchcraft toggle, Grover locking strap buttons, graphite nut, ABR-1 tune-o-matic bridge, stainless steel frets, abs inlays on fret board and side dots, acrylic back cover all make for a playing experience unlike any other.

Lynch - on site at NAMM in dual roles as a reporter and musician qucikly took some photos of the H5 Slim Modular before getting it into his hands to run through the chords from some of his own best-loved songs. In doing so, Lynch was filmed by the crew and that footage was released to the Internet as part of the company's Summer NAMM recap video.

"I was surprised and thrilled with the bonus coverage," Lynch said reflecting on his experience at the booth and seeing himself as a photographer and musician in the 59 second clip. "I took it as a good omen since I went home from NAMM and added the H5 Slim Modular to my vision board. I'd love to be able to endorse this axe someday as it would seriously help to improve my chops and add to my heavy metal props."

Rockin' Rich Lynch plays the H5 Slim Modular at Summer NAMM in 2021.

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