Rockin' Rich Lynch Featured on Only Nashville's Worldwide New Music Podcast

Prolific independent Nashville singer-songwriter Rockin' Rich Lynch recently had the honor of being aired in August of 2021 on the bi-weekly ONLY NASHVILLE radio show hosted by the ever capable Anna Lindsay Sellers and heard around the world via the Rag House Media website.

Anna played Lynch's track called "Vague To The Max" about a fallen Nashville musician who tried so hard to make in Music City but came up a bit short and ultimately chose a tragic end to his own personal story. Sellers said she liked the song but that she absolutely love Lynch's Tom Petty themed publicity photo - LOL!

Other featured artists and their songs included: Kristin Larkin- When You're Lying, Classic Williams- KungFu, Jubal John- Pinups, Susie Monic- I Knew Love, FALYN- Falling In Love, Monsters on Television- Life Is So Bizarre, and Anna Lindsay Sellers- Crazy For Me.

Purchase "Vague To The Max" today on Bandcamp!

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