Rockin' Rich Lynch Looks to Join the Ranks of Nashville's Elite Table Tennis Players

Songwriter Rockin' Rich Lynch ( loves the sport of Ping Pong - known more professionally as Table Tennis - and he is always in pursuit of improving his game. So, in an attempt to gauge his skills against some of Nashville's most dedicated players - he took a trip to the Nashville Table Tennis Club in Nolensville on Monday, March 28, 2022 to size up the competition.

Rockin' Rich Lynch takes on the Table Tennis elite in Music City.

Rich has recently actively improved the level of his own game by playing on a variety of concrete surfaces in weekly workout volley sessions with his wife Laura Turner Lynch for the last five years or so. But, generally these rounds are meant to be a fun leisurely form of exercise for the pair and rarely do they even play a match for points.

"Honestly, playing more regularly since we acquired our own concrete table has really been great for my hand-eye coordination and motor skills," Lynch enthused. "But it's hard to gauge my own level of play in this environment. So, I looked around and discovered the Nashville Table Tennis Club where I can now play with more accomplished athletes three times a week if I want to."

At the club's host facility - the Nolensville Recreation Center - Lynch and his wife put in a 90 minute session together before Rockin' Rich tested his Table Tennis technique against some of the mainstays of the group and he came away with one impression - "My game... it needs more work!"

Players in town can work on their own game with Nashville's premiere table tennis organization. They have been at it for 30 plus years and now offer access to competitive Table Tennis in partnership with Williamson County Parks and Recreation. They meet 3 times a week for 3 hours per session and tournament-grade Butterfly Europa 25 tables and nets along with Nittaku 40+ balls are provided by the club. For those that may be new to the sport or visiting, the club also has spare paddles at each facility for players to use. It costs only $3 per session to play, cash only, no membership required. All ages and skill levels are welcomed. They hope to see you on the courts!

Nothing puts a smile on the face of Rockin' Rich like a good game of Ping Pong.

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