Mark My Words - Exceptional Songs About the Mark of the Beast

The Bible has long been source material for uplifting music and worship songs with many artists presenting works inspired by the Gospel, Psalms, and Proverbs. On rarer occasions, a few acts have been motivated to take on subjects from the holy book's most mysterious chapter known as Revelation. Now, Nashville artist Rockin' Rich Lynch has joined a small fraternity who have put the spotlight on one of the more frightening topics in the Bible's final passage - the Mark of the Beast - as he advises listeners to "Don't Take the Sixes" throughout his new radio-friendly four and a half minute pop sermon that is winning rave reviews in religious circles. But, he's not the first songwriter to tackle the subject of Christendom's famous last book.

"As a teenager I was an early fan of Iron Maiden and their 'Number of the Beast' song and album appealed to my fascination with prophecy," Lynch recalled about the British Metal band's breakthrough record that soared to the top of the charts through regular MTV rotation in the 80's. "That track probably directly inspired me to write 'Don't Take the Sixes' and I was trying to present in song the point of view of the charismatic character seen and heard in Rev 14-9."

"Later on in the 80's my brother-in-law had given me a box of cassette tapes, so of course I was drawn to the bold and stark red and yellow cover of the concept album by Aphrodite's' Child called '666' subtitled The Apocalypse of John, 13/18," Lynch remembered. "As it turns out, this was a band that featured Vangelis long before he became famous for writing 'Chariots of Fire' and the record is considered a cult classic by prog rock fans to this day."

Not to be outdone, the reggae world also put the spotlight on the mysterious mark when the one of the genre's top stars Peter Tosh released his own single called "Mark of the Beast" complete with its island vibe and anti-authoritarian message just as you would expect. Now, have we missed any? Make sure to let us know.

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