For Immediate Release: Nashville's Rockin' Rich Lynch Marks Five Years in Music City

(Nashville, TN) - Where did the time go? That is one question Nashville based singer, songwriter and musician Rockin' Rich Lynch ( keeps asking himself as it was five years ago in October when he and his wife packed up all their belongings to make a pilgrimage and journey of faith to Music City in an effort to make their musical dreams come true. Now, Lynch is celebrating by looking back on the trek and his accomplishments over that time with an informative online summary of all his songs to date that he hopes will help more fans discover his music.

Rockin' Rich Lynch is mapping out a game-plan for success in Music City.

"They say it's a five year town," Lynch recalled discussing his musical output during a quarantine based conference call to mark his first half decade in Nashville. "I began releasing my music in New Jersey in 2014 and that's when the wheels really began rolling in my mind to make a move. Since relocating to Tennessee I've been able to get 19 more songs out to the public via the digital marketplace. Now, I'm ready to see if what they say about the five year thing is true by amping up my live performances in and around town."

Fans are invited to come out to the club dates and one-off appearances that are already booked. And, they are encouraged to browse the full Rockin' Rich Lynch discography of songs using the summary of all his tracks included below - many that were recorded in the world famous Music City - Nashville, Tennessee.

All Rights Reversed: Produced by the amazing Steve Brown of Trixter fame and recorded in 2015 - this epic track warns about a loss of rights and a descent into an Orwellian type dystopia. Pretty eerie and positively prescient. You're going to want to check this one out while there's still time!

Don't Take The Sixes: Written in the 80's long before the "Left Behind" series popularized the "End Times" this one was directly influenced by late night advertisements for Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth" and the work of Herbert W. Armstrong. The composition started by asking the question, "what would the figure in Rev. 14:9 actually say?" We thought it over and decided a song would be involved.

Gettysburg Address: So, I had the cool four chords and the intro words. But, when the next verse that popped into my head revealed a disturbing rape and murder I had to stop myself. Did a web search and found the true story of one Barry J. Laughman. That gave me a framework to tell his story with the rest of the song.

Hail Atlantis: This is the first song we ever recorded in a "real" studio environment. Written long before the emergence of "Atlantis Rising" magazine this one takes it's inspiration from Ignatius Donnelly and the last line in Donovan's "Atlantis".

Hail Atlantis 2020: This was a first attempt to get the feel for an extended "live" version of this track down on tape. Not sure we nailed it but it was fun trying.

Hollywood Star: The tragic 2014 suicide of collegiate athlete Madison Holleran moved me so much that I needed to tell her story. In doing so I began concentrating on completing my own race!

I Want to Live in a Dome: My two dreams to live in a dome and to record my songs converged in 2014 and launched my current career as a Nashville-based musician. This was the first track out of the box to help me get out of "the box" and into a round house - stay tuned - it's coming!

I Want to Live in a Dome (Pro Remaster): We gave this track to legendary producer and recording artist Steve Brown and he gave it a fatter and fuller sound!

Jesus Rock: It was in late 1991 while on a life-changing trip to Israel with best selling author Jonathan Cahn (The Harbinger) that I found a rock on the shore of the Sea of Galilee that looked a lot like the Christian fish symbol. The next day a pair of fellow travelers turned us on to many of their favorite artists in the Jesus Rock movement - and the rest as they say - is history.

Just Waiting For You: This is the second track we recorded and co-produced with Nashville's amazing Dallas Jack. It's an upbeat and poppy song that touches upon the sacred and profane as it contemplates the relatable and mundane topic of waiting, waiting, waiting.

Kingdom Tonight: I had a thrilling time when my friend and amazing fingerstyle guitar player John Sheehan approached me to co-write a song about the Heaven's Gate cult back in New Jersey. A quick visit to their home page provided some inspiration and a refrain. We found a cautionary tale about following bizarre leaders - even if they do make nice websites.

Middle Of The Night/Nuclear Slingshot: So, I had two incomplete songs. One about opposites and the idea of alternate realities. The other about the scary thought of nuclear terrorism via a modern telling of a David versus Goliath type story. The result was this demo track that never quite made it to completion.

Ode to the Chemtrail Pilots: I started to take notice of the "Chemtrail Phenomenon" shortly after 9/11 in September of 2001. Fans started to call in en masse to the "Opie and Anthony Radio Show" to alert the acerbic hosts to the fact that New York City was getting sprayed by a mysterious substance from multiple planes. Sure enough, on my way home from work that day I looked up and my eyes were forever opened. This song urges the remaining unaware to do the same.

Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent: In October of 2017 I began to notice a lot of negative feedback on Bruce related FB pages and forums surrounding the high price to pay to see his one man show on Broadway. Then, seeking wisdom of the seers we rearranged the marquee and found a strange anagram that provided deeper meaning to the S.O.B.'s current run on The Great White Way. Alas, "Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent" was born. It's the only known protest song that was recorded and released the week of the Broadway debut. This one's for the little guy - they blue collar family man who could never afford to see this show live.

Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent (Extended Remix): A longer version of this track with different instrumentation and a stripped down feel.

Patriot Radio: Before the widespread backlash against Alex Jones and the media outlets of the Alt-Right there were a few places on the dial to hear alternate takes on liberty, sovereignty and tyranny. This song memorializes those days!!!

Patriots' Day: A treatise on the founding fathers and first freedom fighters that wonders if we'll have to do it all over again someday!!!

Raging Storm: Started writing this song as a rage against the political machine. Then, we were chased and displaced by three major named storms in one year's time. It all got a little too real but it helped me finish this one with a slightly changed direction.

Rock n Roll Rodeo: This one is all about riding in the Rock and Roll Rodeo and what it took to get here in the first place!

Shoot for the Stars: About going after you dreams and believing that they will be achieved!!!

Sunflowers: A song about the beauty and miracle of life, its fragility and the sustaining source that keeps it all together.

Take Me to Your Liter: We called this one an intelligent and humorous take on alcohol, alienation and estrangement!!!

Take Me to Your Liter (Demo): A slightly more acoustic first take on the above.

The Red Road: Admittedly, this one is a complex song with a lot going on. Once I learned of the show on Netflix called "The Red Road" and then being introduced to the fact that this program was loosely based on my former hometown of Ringwood, New Jersey the track was born. This one has multi-layered meanings drawing on the town's yet to be remediated Superfund site, the Native American spiritual path, and the reasons we needed to leave there.

The Talk of the Town: A song born out of the idea that come March 2020 just walking around outside became to be seen as both a dangerous and revolutionary act. Even more amazing - we met our latest producer DALLAS JACK while strolling on the Music City Greenways on a day when we both ended up helping to save an overturned boater's life. Only in Nashville!

Those Days: Written as a recollection of the days of youth and remembering many of the million selling musicians on the radio. Notably name-checked are Jackson Browne, POCO's "A Good Feelin' to Know", Little Steven, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and many others!!!

Wake Up: So, I bitch a lot about the political process in America. It goes on too long. There's way too much money in the game. I can't even get a receipt when I vote. My wife got sick of me talking about it. She said to do something about it and the song "WAKE UP" was born.

White Buffalo: Who knew that the Apocalypse could be so colorful and patriotic? You got your Blue Kachina, Red Heifer and White Buffalo that all serve as harrowing harbingers of a horrific immediate future. This song looks at the latter to gauge where it's mythical appearance leaves us on the end times timeline.

You Can't Push over a Standing Rock: I have friends who gave up months of their lives to participate in the Standing Rock protest. I wrote this song for them and it has since gone on to become an anthem for similar social justice causes within the environmental movement!!!

You Can't Push over a Standing Rock 2020: This remix provides a slightly faster tempo resulting in a more energetic protest song.

ABOUT RICH LYNCH: Rich Lynch is a singer/songwriter who began his professional recording career in 2014 with "I Want to Live in a Dome". He has now released over 30 critically acclaimed digital singles to the online marketplace and he is currently hard at work in Nashville on several new tracks that will see the light of day in the near future. More at -

PRESS CONTACT: / 615.645.5760



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