For Immediate Release: Nashville's Rockin' Rich Lynch Releases "80 Days Around the World" - A Lockdown Anthem with Global Appeal

(Nashville, TN) - Nashville based musician Rockin' Rich Lynch ( has started the new year off with a new song that documents one of the more disturbing elements of the previous calendar cycle. On two polished versions of "80 Days Around the World" Lynch puts words and music together in order to underscore the global dilemma we all face as pandemic-related lockdowns and restrictions continue unabated around the globe.

"80 Days Around the World" is the bold new track from Nashville's Rockin' Rich Lynch.

"I didn't actually set out to construct a song about lockdowns. But, the lingering thought of how it began for only a two-week period of time to 'slow the curve' to where we are today is unacceptable to me," Lynch remarked about the nearly four-minute track that just wrapped in Music City. "I picked up my guitar and the phrasing flowed out of my head and onto the notepad. So here we are with an exciting anthemic track to lead into a new year."

"For me, I was extremely aware in March of 2020 of the precipice we were all perched upon and could clearly see the devastation that was around the bend if we went ahead and shut down the economy," Lynch recalled. "Sure enough, we've all now seen the countless reports of destroyed lives, businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit that made our nation tick and prosper. It's terribly sad and no one can actually say for sure if closing down so much of the fabric of our society was the correct thing to do."

Lynch - the Mid Tenn musician who is becoming known for only wearing football related apparel during his live performances - reports that the song was composed quickly in January. Next, the prolific singer-songwriter decided to woodshed the track while wearing a vintage Nashville Kats jersey (courtesy of the amazing consignment shop Throwback Thursday - #throwbackthursdaycc) with the incredibly accomplished 3:6Teen Band at the 404 Bar in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Working with the group on stage proved to me that this track would go over well," Lynch added. "Several members of the audience came up to me afterwards to say they really liked and understood the straightforward message of the song. So, I decided to book some studio time and make this one my first statement of 2021."

To get the job done Lynch returned to the capable confines of Record One presided over by the precocious and proficient producer Dallas Jack in East Nashville to start work on their third track together in six months time.

"It remains an extreme honor to present my music to Dallas Jack while sitting back to hear the results that are always awesome and exceed expectations," Lynch revealed. "We have developed an efficient method of working together that is producing the best sounding songs in my catalogue to date."

The latest edition is a fasted paced rumination on the worldwide lockdown with a familiar acoustic base and several sections of scorching electric guitar passages that would make Neil Young proud. The successful sessions resulted in two slightly different versions of the song for your listening pleasure.

"While in the studio I added a last minute vocal refrain between the final two verses in order to introduce a spot that could initiate some cool fan interaction in a live setting. But, in doing so, it stepped on the last incendiary guitar part," Lynch told regarding the recording process. "So, we decided to release two versions thinking 'why not' - we all still have a little extra time on our hands at the moment so we'll leave it up to our fans to decide which of the two they like the best in the comfort of their own homes."

Rockin' Rich Lynch debuted "80 Days Around the World" at the 404 Bar in Nashville.

ABOUT RICH LYNCH: Rich Lynch is a singer/songwriter who began his professional recording career in 2014 with "I Want to Live in a Dome". He has now released over 30 critically acclaimed digital singles to the online marketplace and he is currently hard at work in Nashville on several new tracks that will see the light of day in the near future. More at -

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