For Immediate Release: An Interview with "Pony Rent" Singer Rockin' Rich Lynch - the Man Whose Music Foresaw the Current High Price of Concert Tickets and the Backlash to It in His 2017 Song

Nashville-based singer, songwriter and record producer Rockin' Rich Lynch ( spent the better portion of his life growing up in the Garden State of New Jersey. In the 80's he witnessed a wave of nationalism that was influenced in large part by a Bruce Springsteen mania that was sweeping the States on the strength of his chart-topping "Born In The U.S.A." album. In 2017, Lynch wrote a song about the high prices to see The Boss on Broadway that is now even more relevant today as a new crest of media attention builds over the high price of some tickets to see Bruce on his upcoming tour. The editors of Nashville's MCN caught up with Lynch to ask him about his take on the new developments.

MCN: So, you wrote and recorded "Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent" in response to the high ticket prices to see "Springsteen On Broadway". I take it, you must have an album's worth of material by now?

RRL: Well, no, not really any more tracks related to this subject. But, that song came to me in a flash and from a weird well of inspiration that never occurred for me before in that exact same manner. I do feel a bit like Nostradamus at the moment, however. Because in 2017, I was like a lone voice in the wilderness and now many more fans feel that they have been betrayed by the ridiculous prices to see their hero on his next tour.

MCN: Your title "Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent" is a bit unusual. How did that come to be?

RRL: Well, I did a bit of a Kreskin maneuver and pulled a trick of my own for that one and it does seem a tad supernatural in hindsight. Something bothered me about the name of the Broadway show "Springsteen On Broadway" - I can't necessarily describe what it was that bugged me. But, it compelled me to print out the title, cut up the letters and re-arrange them until I found that phrase which was a perfect anagram of the marquee.

MCN: Wow, that is indeed strange. So from there you constructed a song?

RRL: Once I had the title it was a matter of figuring out a direction and running with it. That didn't take long, either, as I had pages of commentary of fans who felt burnt by the elevated costs to see the one man show in New York.

MCN: So, fast forward six years and the media is flooded with reports of exorbitant ticket prices to see Bruce in 2023 inflating to several thousands of dollars just to get in the door leading to a backlash and revolt by some of his most ardent admirers. Do you feel some level of vindication?

RRL: Yes, of course and the themes to the verses I wrote seemed downright prophetic in many ways.

Rockin' Rich Lynch is always hard at work on his music and game plan for success in Nashville.

MCN: That's true. You clearly painted a portrait of greed, disillusionment and the specter of a fallen star in your song.

RRL: I have to admit to see so many people come to their own correlating conclusions on this subject is pretty gratifying even as it is so sad to watch it all unfold. But, that's par for the course in 2022.

MCN: What's new for Rockin' Rich Lynch since the release of "Pony Rent"?

RRL: I've stayed busy writing and recording in Nashville about subjects close to my heart. Since "Pony Rent" I've literally put my feelings about chemtrails, the broken political process, the lockdowns, the hypocrisy of the Vatican and the New World Order all on record. Singing about broken trust and greed within the music industry really gave me the courage to take a similar approach with other topics.

MCN: Do you have any good memories about Bruce Springsteen?

RRL: Certainly. I have seen him in concert over 30 times with many of them being unique shows at the Stone Pony and smaller clubs on the Jersey shore. I met him and shook his hand on three occasions, too. But, that was then and this is now. My recent song "Next King of Rock and Roll" was directly inspired by watching him perform a 2 PM afternoon rehearsal in Asbury Park at the Paramount Theatre. So, I will still always follow the muse. I'll just be more selective about the musicians I choose to follow moving forward.

"Pony Rent" and "Next King" are just two of Rich's dozens of Nashville musical creations.

ABOUT RICH LYNCH: Rich Lynch is a singer/songwriter who began his professional recording career in 2014 with "I Want to Live in a Dome". He has now released over 30 critically acclaimed digital singles to the online marketplace and he is currently hard at work in Nashville on several new tracks that will see the light of day in the near future. More at -

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