For Immediate Release: Nashville Musician Rockin' Rich Lynch Hits the Mark with Anthemic "Don't Take the Sixes"

(Nashville, TN) - Nashville based musician Rockin' Rich Lynch ( is hoping his latest track about a mysterious topic mined straight from the Bible's last book will come with a good omen and a big amen from the masses. On "Don't Take the Sixes" the singer plays the role of preacher and purveyor of prophetically inspired rock that is a revelation in four and half minutes of pop infused evangelism.

The powerful new song from Rockin' Rich Lynch.

"Long before the 'Left Behind' book and movie series I was very intrigued by prophecy and the ideas behind the End of Days," Lynch confessed to reporters in advance of his latest song's release. "We wrote this one originally in the 80's. I had been influenced by late night ads for Hal Lindsay's 'Late Great Planet Earth' and Herbert W. Armstrong's 'The World Tomorrow' television program.

"You have to remember in the 80's there was only about 30 cable channels and no Internet," Lynch recalled about the nascent days leading up the modern era's explosion of entertainment options. "So, on a Sunday night there would always be broadcasts by fervent televangelists peddling their take on the end of the world."

Lynch claims his interest in prophecy began at first with a few Nostradamus books and a crash course in the teachings of Edgar Cayce before one British Heavy Metal band jolted him in a different direction.

"Well, I was a rebellious teenager when Iron Maiden dropped 'The Number of the Beast' on us with its heavy riffs and frightening spoken word opening that was pulled straight from the holy text," Lynch remembered. "I was a student in Catholic high school at the time. That song altered my studies significantly and for the next decade I delved into eschatology as my favored go to topic of research and conversation."

Lynch's number about the "Number of the Beast" was an attempt to put into song the warning a future world receives from the angel depicted in Revelation 14:9-11.

"I read that passage numerous times," Lynch recalls. "I wondered how a message like that could consistently reach across the planet and didn't have to look to far for inspiration."

"In that decade my musical idols were becoming global superstars," Lynch continued. "So it was easy to conclude that a song was in order."

To get the job done Lynch returned to CBGBs refugee and longtime Crossfire Choir frontman Jay Pounders to produce their sixth project in a ongoing series of session work together in Music City.

"Jay nailed it," Lynch enthused. "He turned a fringe topic into a pop celebration that inexplicably draws from both Pink Floyd and Hall & Oates."

Lynch, who made a career pivot to CCM music with the release of "Jesus Rock" last fall that recalled a trip he took to Israel with best-selling Christian author Jonathan Cahn (The Harbinger/The Book of Mysteries) in the 90's says that this track marks the second in a parallel series of songs that will investigate a variety of religious themes.

"I'm going to mine this seam for a bit and produce music for my fan base wherever they happen to be," Lynch added.

In a streaming era of music making where the recently announced dismantling of Apple's iTunes has pundits now confidently proclaiming the final death knell of the digital download, Lynch is making a different deal with his fans. He's pledging to allocate all sales of MP3 versions of his songs to creating the world's first international league of American Football.

"We just had the NFL Draft in Nashville and it was an amazing sight to behold. I became convinced that we could start an international football league based here out of the American heartland. We are clearly football country," Lynch enthused. "I know exactly how to do it so I'm dedicating all funds raised from the sale of my music to launching the effort that will be called the Global Gridiron - stay tuned!"

ABOUT RICH LYNCH: Rich Lynch is a singer/songwriter who began his professional recording career in 2014 with "I Want to Live in a Dome". He has now released 19 critically acclaimed digital singles to the online marketplace and he is currently hard at work in Nashville on several new tracks that will see the light of day in 2019. More at -

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