Rich Lynch is a singer-songwriter and rock musician writing songs for the past three decades. But, he's only just embarked on a journey of officially releasing his music to the world. Bookmark this site to stay up-to-date on the back catalogue of RLB songs soon scheduled to see the light of day via digital distribution.

• January 2016 - RICH LYNCH MOVES TO NASHVILLE; SHOOTS FOR THE STARS IN MUSIC CITY!!! It's true, the Jersey rocker raised on his hometown heroes has moved to Nashville to pursue musical greatness in the Songwriting Capitol of the World. And, he's brought a great track with him to help him launch into the stratosphere to join the stars that have gone before him. Check out the full story behind "Shoot For The Stars" at the link below!

"Shoot For The Stars" Press Release

• December 2015 - RICH LYNCH PARADE OF DEMOS!!! We just spent the month digging through the archives searching for the great lost demo tracks from the Rich Lynch Band. We posted several on YouTube including many previously unreleased songs featuring the guitar work of the greatly talented Keith Willan including World in a Dream, Birds and Bombs and Return to Stone.


• April 2015 - NEW SONG - ALL RIGHTS REVERSED!!! This is the most epic track to date from the Rich Lynch Band and feedback so far has been universally positive. The song was written and composed as a statement against unwanted government surveillance and intrusion into our lives as the fundamental foundations that our great American society were built upon continue to crumble away. Please pick up an MP3 from the links below as all sales support the recording of new music!

Buy on CDBABY | Buy on ITUNES

Recording artist Joe D'Urso ( says >>> "A rocking song with no holds barred social commentary. We need more like this in our 'stick your head in the sand' society..." | U.K.-based music blogger Boulent Mustafa ( says >>> "All Rights Reversed is a rocktastic beast of a song, which showcases Rich's powerful vocals as well as energetic beats, killer guitar sequences and deep and meaningful lyrics." | Dedicated Fingerstyle Guitar player John Sheehan ( says >>> "A clever turn of phrase and rockin' music wielded by freedom loving lyricist/vocalist, Rich Lynch."

• January 2015 - RICH LYNCH GOES HOLLYWOOD WITH COUNTRY-LACED ROCK "HOLLYWOOD STAR"! Rich says "this is the most heartfelt song I have recorded to date. Pulled straight from the local headlines and inspired by a tragic story that will probably show up on Lifetime someday. Producer Axel B. really outdid himself on this one and I'm grateful for his efforts!" Follow all the breaking news and developments about "Hollywood Star" here -- Song Page

• January 2015 - RICH LYNCH & JOHN SHEEHAN INVITE YOU DOWN TO THE "KINGDOM TONIGHT"! Find out what happens when two musical friends decide to collaborate and write about a notorious suicide cult. Tune in now to their new YouTube-only release "Kingdom Tonight". -- Song Page

• April 2014 - RICH LYNCH BAND LAUNCHES CAREER WITH A MUSICAL ATTEMPT TO BUILD A GREEN HOME! His first critically-acclaimed track is called "I WANT TO LIVE IN A DOME" and it is already receiving great reviews and widespread press coverage. -- Song Page

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• "...we think it's great!..." - Nanette South Clark, 'Round To It Blog
• "...bluesy rock vocals and catchy instrumental arrangement..." - Boulent Mustafa, OceanicBlue Music Blog

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